Heartworm treatment
Heartworm treatment costing 50-70 percent less than the average $1,000 price in Austin is now available at Emancipet Central Austin. The typical cost of heartworm treatment is not affordable for all pet owners, sometimes resulting in pets turned in to shelters or not surviving the disease. Emancipet’s pricing ranges from $225-$495 depending on the size of the dog, and can be split into two payments.

“A million households each year are forced to give up their beloved pets, mostly for financial reasons,” says Emancipet CEO Amy Mills. “Removing the income barrier, and bringing these critical services to communities where they are needed most, keeps pets healthy and at home with families who love them.”

Emancipet follows the American Heartworm Society’s recommendations for heartworm disease by treating adult heartworm infections with three injections of a drug called Diroban. This treatment kills the adult heartworms quickly and reduces the amount of damage they inflict on the heart and lungs.

Heartworm evaluation exams and preventives are currently available at all Emancipet clinics (including Central Austin) during regular hours. Heartworm treatment for pets that have received a positive heartworm test is available by appointment only at Emancipet’s Central Austin branch.

Texas pets have a higher risk of heartworm infection than many other states because of its warm climate. According to the American Heartworm Society, Texas has the fourth highest number of heartworm disease incidences in the U.S.

Emancipet Central Austin, 5129 Cameron Road, is open Monday through Saturday. Heartworm evaluations and heartworm treatment are performed by appointment only.