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Step 1: Start with a visual overview of the skin. Examine for areas that appear red or irritated. If you see a spot, get a closer look. Is it a tick, a hot spot, or something else? Step 2: Start at your pup’s head, and work your way over his body. Comb through the fur […]

by B.J. Rogers See if this sounds familiar: Congratulations! You’ve never managed anyone before, nor had any formal training (or any informal training for that matter) in supervision or management. But. . .you’re REALLY great at your current job, so we’re promoting you to manager. . .a role in which you’ll supervise three staff (two […]

Summer safety tips involve a lot of common sense, but in the fall, as the weather cools off, we may become a little more relaxed, and worry less about things like pets becoming overheating or sunburned. But this pleasant little season poses a few threats of its own. Oh, rats. Literally & Figuratively. This is […]

Just like humans, pets can strain muscles, have headaches, and even suffer from depression. But of course, they can’t tell us about any of these things. As owners, we should always pay close attention to our pets’ habits and behavior changes, and we can also be proactive in the way we approach their care, too. […]

Potty training a new pup can feel like a daunting task. The good news is that it only requires routine and patience. Here are a few tips to help: 1.Get OUT. Puppies need plenty of opportunities to do the right thing. That means giving your new pup tons of outdoor time. Take your pup OUTside: […]

Are You Ready For A Second Dog? There’s nothing wrong with a single dog home, but building your own pack can be tons of fun, too. There are so many considerations when adding a new family member to your home- temperament of your new dog and your existing dog, a willingness of your family to […]

It sounds difficult enough to train any cat, but an adult or even a senior? Is it even possible? The experts say you can teach your old cat new tricks. Maybe you’ve adopted an older cat, or perhaps your just looking for a fun way to bond with your best pal and help her get […]

Don’t worry though – change is good and we’re genuinely pumped about this one! Over the last several years, under the thoughtful leadership of Myles Chadwick, Emancipet New School has become a powerhouse of high-quality training for animal welfare professionals, veterinarians, volunteers, and board members alike. Now, as Myles shifts to a new role focused […]

by B.J. Rogers If you’re like most animal welfare, human service, and social change folks I know, there’s a good chance that what draws you to the work you do is rooted in a genuine desire to help. To make a difference. To leave the world better than you found it. It’s why I’ve so […]

1. Check the Pavement Before every walk, place the back of your hand on the pavement for 7 seconds to test the heat. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pup! 2. Schedule Exercise Accordingly If your dog needs exercise, reserve walks for early in the morning before the sun is […]

by B.J. Rogers Mission, vision, values, culture. . . pick up a recent business book and there’s a good chance you’ll encounter one or all of these nebulous terms. The problem? Not only is there a lack of agreement about what words like these mean, but the terms themselves are highly conceptual; it’s not always […]

All Microchips are free for Austin and Travis County Residents The 4th of July brings a lot of fun activities- barbecues, travel, swimming. While we are planning how many different ways we can usher in America’s favorite holiday, it’s important to recognize this day is often no treat for pets. Fireworks are terrifying for animals: […]

Emancipet Keeps Families & Pets Together Pets are so incredibly special. To most of us, they are our family. Emancipet recognizes how important veterinary care is when it comes to keeping families and pets together. Sticker Shock According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, over the last decade, human health care hasn’t risen as […]