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By B.J. Rogers When a messy problem confronts us – our organization, field, community, or world – one of the most common responses is to look for a hero to save the day. Just shy of flashing the Bat Signal in the sky, we often turn to so-called (and sometimes self-proclaimed) experts, to consultants, or […]

Training a young cat sounds like a tall order, but what about a senior or adult cat? Is it even possible? There’s good news. The experts say you CAN teach your old cat new tricks! Maybe you’ve adopted an older cat, or perhaps you’re just looking for a fun way to bond with your best […]

1. Never Leave A Pet In A Car Alone:According to AVMA, the temperature in a hot car can rise 20 degrees in just 10 minutes. After another 20 minutes, it becomes even 10 degrees warmerIn short, keep Fido at home while you run errands 2. If Your Pet Is Outside, Make Sure They Have Shade […]

This was Kayleigh’s first visit to Emancipet. She was really excited about how affordable it was going to be to keep Ralph healthy. She found Ralph when she heard about a family whose dog had had puppies and they couldn’t keep them. Since Ralph is Kayleigh’s only (and first) dog, she says he is very […]

Freeze! Pets need to keep their cool as summer heats up, and these frozen treats to should do the trick! Pupsicles Using silicon molds, ice cube trays, or even small paper cups, fill with a combination of your dog’s favorite munchies, freeze, unmold and serve.  Keep frozen in an airtight container, and serve in moderation- […]

We get it. Traveling with a pet isn’t always a walk in the park, and factors ranging from pet anxiety to airline rules and regulations can make it feel like a stressful and complicated endeavor — But it doesn’t have to be. To prepare you to road trip or jet set with your pet, we’ve […]

Rico, an 11 month old Labrador retriever has been a member of Alan’s family since he was 8 weeks old. We were able to snap a photo of the two at our Central Austin branch during a check-up appointment! Rico is Alan’s only dog and is totally spoiled (Alan calls Rico his “brother”). Alan said […]

Look atchu! It’s your birthday month. Stars are shining, plans are being made, this entire month is all about you! The great thing about birthdays is that people have to pay attention to you. At least for a day, and more like a week, or a whole month, people should be reminded of just how […]

Duke is one of three dogs, and with the affordable veterinary care Emancipet offers, Duke’s mom shares why she is able to keep three pups healthy and happy. Emancipet is committed to providing quality and affordable veterinary care to all.

My friends, The House Ag Committee has heard your voices loud and clear and decided NOT to pursue a vote on HB 3806! This is tremendous news for the families and pets served by non-profit veterinary clinics across the entire state of Texas! Here’s how you made a difference: You sent thousands of emails and […]

Piper and Aspen’s mom continue to bring them to Emancipet for preventative care. She reflects on a great clinic team and an organization committed to keeping veterinary care affordable.

Start Your Own Peer to Peer Fundraiser with Emancipet We’re hoping to ROCK this year’s Amplify Austin. What is it? A 24-hour event that allows people like you (our supporters, fans and friends) to connect with a charity and donate to their mission. Why should I be a part of this? Amplify Austin is critical […]

by B.J. Rogers Leadership in animal welfare (or anywhere) can be a risky proposition. It’s also powerfully fulfilling and in high demand. To stay “in it” and make an impact, it’s critical that we collect tools to keep ourselves clear-headed and healthy. Though “self-care” sometimes sparks eye-rolls, it doesn’t just mean indulgent investment in a […]

Meet Jarett. A friend of his found Lady and her puppy siblings wandering the streets and asked if Jarett wanted to adopt one of the pups. Lady was the only female in the litter so Jarrett chose her. Lady had been with Jarett for less than 24 hours when they came to the clinic yesterday […]