Chief Medical Officer

Does this sound like you?

  • You are a HQHVSN Master and can tie a pedicle in your sleep (actually 50). Flank spays? No problem! 8-year-old with a heart murmur? You got this! 
  • You are the one your friends want to follow if there’s ever a zombie uprising. Why? Because your brain is naturally wired for extreme adaptability and resourcefulness (and it’s probably delicious).
  • All your best memories of achievements in your career are actually the achievements of people you helped, because coaching others to succeed is your favorite part of every job
  • You know those work environments where things are changing all the time because you are growing really fast and every day you have to come up with some new system or strategy to deal with totally new challenges? You really love those (you wonderful weirdo).
  • You have spent the last five or more years in a senior leadership role that required you to make complex (and sometimes tough) decisions about “the big three” –  medicine, money, and mission – and it’s given you wisdom, perspective, and humility in your leadership style

If so, you might be our next Chief Medical Officer! Here’s the details: 

Emancipet is on a mission to make veterinary care affordable and accessible to all pet owners. Emancipet’s seven low-cost clinics (the eighth is opening this fall) are all located in underserved neighborhoods and offer essential preventive care including high volume spay/neuter, vaccinations, as well as dentals, heartworm treatments, and surgical procedures for injuries and illness. We are growing rapidly and have plans to continue opening new clinics across the country. Our belief is that all people love their pets and will do what’s best for them when given the opportunity. Our daily work is driven by our four Core Values: Compassionate Service, Excellence, Teaching & Learning, and Optimism. 

The Chief Medical Officer reports directly to the CEO and is responsible for the development and implementation of Emancipet’s medical policies and SOPs, and by extension, for the safety and comfort of all Emancipet’s patients.  

The CMO will 

  • lead clinics to operate in accordance with our SOPs and philosophy of service, and for continually evaluating and improving our SOPs
  • develop internal training content and materials based on SOPs for veterinarians and technicians. 
  • Coach veterinarians to continually update their skills and speed, and inspire them to set stretch goals to keep pace with the demands of the community and the clinic teams
  • develop a robust veterinarian recruitment program that increases our pipeline of fantastic veterinarian candidates
  • provide hands on training for Emancipet’s veterinarians supporting their work
  • track, report, and set standards for post-surgical complications and provide additional support as needed to maintain our outstanding record for patient safety

The CMO serves as the public face of Emancipet’s medical staff, promoting HQHVSN and Community-based Medicine; advocating for more access to care via non-profit and low-cost veterinary medicine and 

promoting Emancipet’s role in this growing field.  

In addition, the CMO will serve as the primary liaison to the veterinary community, through developing strong and supportive relationships with practicing veterinarians, private practitioners in the communities we serve, and with organizations that represent veterinarians such as the AVMA and state associations.  

There are also a variety of unique special projects that the CMO will lead or support including Emancipet’s high volume spay/neuter project in Puerto Rico, and the build-out and opening of new Emancipet clinics.

Ready to apply? Wait just a second! We will only consider candidates with ALL of the following:

  • Current DVM in good standing and current DEA license (our CMO holds the key licenses on behalf of all Emancipet clinics)
  • At least 5 years of experience as a skilled HQHVSN surgeon, and the proven ability to teach other surgeons the technique and skill needed to improve their safety and efficiency
  • Technical knowledge of laws governing the practice of veterinary medicine including OSHA, DEA, and state boards
  • Demonstrated track record of an unwavering commitment to reducing patient pain, stress and anxiety during and after clinic visits and surgical procedures 
  • Strong, respectful relationships with the leaders of the veterinary community, veterinary schools, and thought leaders within HQHVSN and Community-Based Medicine

Okay, NOW you can apply!

In order to be considered, please upload a cover letter about why this job is your dream job and an updated resume to Emancipet’s job posting on Indeed.

We are an equal opportunity employer.   We are intentional in creating a diverse staff and leadership team, and work to create an inclusive environment for all employees.